Once upon a time.....on the 1st.April 1957 !!!!!- the breeder and his team "aus Wattenscheid" would like to introduce themselves -

When I was a boy at the tender age of ten, I wanted to express my love of dogs by one day bringing home a flea-ridden german shepherd puppy, a present from a neighbour.

Sorrowfully, I had to return my first dog, my father and stepmother being of the opinion that the large, spiteful, crossbred guard-dog we owned at the time would have probably killed the "intruder" immediately.

Waldemar Köber Waldemar Köber

As a youth, and after finishing my apprenticeship, I decided to devote myself to the dog sport, the prime reason being my love of the german shepherd dog.

And so I joined the SV OG Wattenscheid 1921. After a few years, I joined the club for german shepherd dogs (SV) in 1957 and registered my breeding kennel "aus Wattenscheid".

Waldemar Köber jr., Susanne Köber + Waldemar Köber

After I bought my first two breeding bitches " Lona von der Prinzenrast" and "Astra vom Haus Hülsmann", SZ: 914525, DOB:20.08.1955, (daughter of the champion 1955 "Alf vom Nordfelsen")

I was soon able to enjoy my first breeding success.

The pairing of "Astra vom Haus Hülsmann" with the champion 1958 "Condor vom Hohenstamm" resulted in the V-bitch "Frigga aus Wattenscheid", DOB: 05.12.1958, producing young dog champion 1964 "Lork vom Eningsfeld" as well as young dog third 1964 "Lex vom Eningsfeld".

"Frigga´s " brother and stud male "Falk aus Wattenscheid", repeatedly attained the grading Excellent 1. (V1)

In the early sixties, I left my totally working dog oriented local group, and founded on 05.03.61 the still-existing local group Wattenscheid South. From then on I held the position as instructor- and breed warden before the post as chairman was entrusted to me.

I held this position for more than 38 years, through all imaginable ups and downs, until my son Waldemar jr. succeeded me at club level in 2000.

l. Waldemar Köber

The position of the OG breed warden has been held by me since 05.03.61.

Waldemar Köber

One of the first foster-mother agencies was set up by me in the sixties.

For those interested in dog working dog trials, I would like to present here, not known by many of you, a few interesting details from the history of my kennel. One of my first stud males, "Gin vom Lierberg", brother (repeat litter) of the famous Lierberg brothers, champion 1967 "Bodo vom Lierberg", and VA3 1967 also being competitor in the national championships 1969. "Bernd vom Limberg " was to help me in the middle sixties to further breeding successes.

"Gin" attained many times a first placing at breeder shows (also V1), and therefore established through his inherent qualities the basis of my future blood lineage. The daughter of "Gin vom Lierberg", "Zandra aus Wattenscheid", and her daughter "Rita aus Wattenscheid" have become well-known bitches in the working-dog line.

One of "Rita’s" whelps two generations later, "Askia vom Froschgraben" (top working dog producer and national champions trials participant) was mother of the later notorious "von der bösen Nachbarschaft" kennel, i.e. "Troll"-BSP 1990, "Timmy"-BSP 1989, "Rocky"-BSP 1990, "Resi"-mother of "Sato", and her whelp "Quasy von der bösen Nachbarschaft", who was to be world champion 1998.

Further stud males in the sixties were:

V1 "Axel vom Haus Mußhafen"

V1 "Ajax vom Fuhrpark-Schumer"

V1 "Axel vom Fuhrpark-Schumer"

V1 "Asbach aus Wattenscheid"

"Hilger aus Wattenscheid" ZB: V, top producer of many great dogs.

V1 "Sultan aus Wattenscheid" who remarkably was to beat at a breeding show the top producer "Marko vom Celler Land" !!

I have trained all my breeding - and show dogs personally from the start with great enthusiasm, commitment and success, so that as early as 04.02.1968 was to proudly receive from the SV the dog-handler medal in bronze, silver, and gold. That I was personally able to present several dogs at one and the same show was at that time no exception.

As early as 1959, before the introduction of the HD-procedure on the part of the SV, I had to put down my first dog as a result of a hip-joint dysplasia, this being discovered from an X-ray made at the Vetinary College Hannover. From then on, I was a keen advocate of the 1966 from the SV introduced, and for the shepherd dog breeding essential, method of the fight against HD.

My biggest breeding success up to the present time was in 1972, when my near-black bitch "Dunja aus Wattenscheid" was to become world champion at a national championship for breeding dogs in Bremen. In 1980 I received from SV the breeder’s medal in gold.

One of my main aims as a breeder is the realisation of the so-called "universal conception", meaning the unification at the highest level of breeding and working. This is reflected in the so-called "show-line breeding" (champion "Dingo vom Haus Gero-Sohn") resulting in the dog "Echo aus Wattenscheid", being bred by me and with Wattenscheid-lineage from the mother’s side.

"Echo" achieved not only the grading "most excellent" (Spitzen-V) but also, as a result of his outstanding qualities,was several times successful participant in the LG-elimination trials, finally reaching the pinnacle of his career as participant at the national championships!!

Further, greater successes were celebrated at championship shows with my stud males:

"Berry von der Grone" (V-Auslese Munich 1978)

"Barry vom Lanzer Burghof" (V-2 Mannheim 1981)

"Lake vom Mühlenbruch" (V-9 Munich 1982)

in the GHKL-dogs.

Waldemar Köber

I can also look back at satisfactory results in the youth- and young dog class at national champions dog shows:

SG 1 Weltsiegerin JHKL. Hündinnen Bremen 1972, mit "Dunja aus Wattenscheid"

Dunja aus Wattenscheid

SG 10 JHKL. Bitches Mannheim 1974, with "Pele aus Wattenscheid"

SG 6 JHKL. Dogs Mannheim 1974, with "Tolus aus Wattenscheid"

Tolus aus Wattenscheid

SG 15 JHKL. Rüden Bremen 1980, mit "Vego aus Wattenscheid"

Vego aus Wattenscheid

SG10 JHKL. Dogs Hamburg 1986, with "Nash aus Wattenscheid"

Nash aus Wattenscheid

SG 13 JKL. Bitches Dortmund 1984, with "Yenny aus Wattenscheid"

Yenny aus Wattenscheid

SG 7 JHKL. Bitches Duisburg 1987, with "Xenie aus Wattenscheid"

Xenie aus Wattenscheid

SG 2 JHKL. Dogs and vice world champion, Karlsruhe 1991 as well as "V-Auslese Holland" 1992 ( Judge:Hermann Martin), with "Darius aus Wattenscheid"

Darius aus Wattenscheid

SG 19 JHKL. Dogs Düsseldorf 1997, with "Largo aus Wattenscheid"

Largo aus Wattenscheid

SG 17 JKL. Dogs Düsseldorf 2001, with "Vitali aus Wattenscheid"

Vitali aus Wattenscheid

SG 2 Vize-Champion JHKL. Bitches Karlsruhe 2002,with
"Buffie aus Wattenscheid".

SG 14 JHKL. Bitches Ulm 2003, with "Isah aus Wattenscheid".

• SG 28 JHKL. Rüden Karlsruhe 2004, with "Onex aus Wattenscheid".

• SG 3 JKL. Bitches Ulm 2005, with "Hilvi vom Hühnegrab"

SG 8 JHKL. Bitches Oberhausen 2006, with "Andra aus Wattenscheid"

SG 12 JKL Hündinnen Braunschweig 2007, with "Mara aus Wattenscheid"

V 5 GHKL Hündinnen Braunschweig 2007, with "Andra aus Wattenscheid"


These successes were only made possible by the active support of my wife Mathilde (since 1961 in SV) who, at the start of my breeder career, aided me wherever she could in both business and private matters.

Mathilde Köber

Last but not least, let me introduce here my family-team "aus Wattenscheid" :

Firstly my son and heir Waldemar jr. commonly known as Waldi,

Waldemar Köber jr.

for many years my right-hand man, SV member since 1974, holder of the golden SV dog-handler medal and trainer of our "doggy offspring"!

Waldemar Köber jr.

The word "trainer" is lightly said , but it takes much time and hard work in the committed and objective preparation for the shows, also for the training and completion

of the essential working-dog and endurance trials, as well as the breed survey side of the business.

I’m rather proud of the fact that he has taken over my enthusiasm for the dog sport and dog breeding and is following in my footsteps.

I would also like to mention here my daughter-in-law Susanne who supports,

Susanne Köber

with her lively nature, my son Waldi especially in the category "working dogs", and who has so often led a Wattenscheider to victory at many dog shows.

Waldemar Köber + Susanne Köber

She is also a long-standing member of the SV (since 1987) and holder of the SV dog-handler medal,1st. Class.

Our son and grandson "Nicolas Waldemar" is born on 04.07.2003.

Nicolas Waldemar Nicolas Waldemar


"3 Generationen"

In Gedenken an / in memorian Waldemar Köber